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7 weaknesses in Works of architects famed AMERICA – FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867- 1959) was one of the brilliant architect, the most imaginative of America. He designed more than 1,000 buildings, including more than 500 designs have been developed, are considered classics in architecture with elements of emotion, romance, space, surroundings ... and especially creativity. However, "In the very cross all", his works also have certain weaknesses.

Works of architect Wright expensive remodeling by design more interested the more unique is the function and durability.

ARCSENS Frank Lloyd Wright portrait

Portrait of Frank Lloyd Wright

Recently, architect John Eifer was renovated 23 works of Wright – has caused a stir when shared: “It was a brave soul dared to buy the home of Wright”. 

7 weaknesses in the design of the American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright:

1 / Roofs famous works are at risk of collapse: 

ARCSENS Falling Water House 2

Villa on mining

The operator works in Pennsylvania (USA) associated with the names of Wright. Built on a waterfall, the house is a block architectural harmony with the surrounding nature. However, the original steel structure is not sufficient to support the concrete roof. In 2001, the villa has been reinforced to prevent the roof collapsing.

2 / Many houses were leaking: 

ARCSENS Hollyhock

Works Hollyhock

Built 90 years ago, building Hollyhock (California, USA) has undergone many renovations phase with a total amount of up to 20 million, the most expensive round of $ 4.5 million near.However, the current manager of the building said that the money is deserved because this is a unique project.

3 / foundations too weak: 

ARCSENS Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio

Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio

Wright always trying to find different solutions help steadiness house without much expense poured concrete foundation. And sometimes, the savings to be harmful to the house.

4 / Lack of attention to the durability of the works: 

ARCSENS Taliesin West

Buildings Taliesin West

Gunny Harboe Architects has conducted maintenance 6 house by Wright design , including Taliesin West area (Azirona, USA). “He was not much concerned about the sustainability of the works underwent long time. He was only interested in his ideas, turn them into reality the most beautiful way, “Harboe share.

5 / Homes wasted energy: 


Inside the Unity Temple

At the time of Wright, people do not have much demand for energy and the cost is quite cheap.Therefore, the architect usually not much to calculate energy usage, ventilation efficiency. But now, to ensure space within the house is warm in winter, the owner will have to pay a lot of money.

6 / Sewer ineffective:


Unity Temple

Unity Temple (Illinois, USA) are among the classics of the Wrights. However, the pipeline is not large enough to contain insufficient water volume flowing through. Sewer in house Hollyhock (California, USA) also need to be replaced.

7 / offer high aesthetics above all else:

ARCSENS Robie House

Robie House works

Wright also does not always adhere to the principle “Form of service capabilities.” Created works of high artistic repelled the boundaries of practical utility. However, those who know the works of Wright agreed, he should not be criticized for was consistent with his ideas.

“He thought of the new materials, new ways to combine them and the house really impressed me,” architect John Eifler share. Meanwhile, architect Gunny Harboe said: “That’s the great idea futuristic. Mind his genius was offset errors design “.

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