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White blouse – Color of love and hope.

White blouse a lifetime doctor Center physician who rejoice at plying the lights of a vow to bring life to the hearts and minds a blouse

On the occasion of the anniversary of 27/2 – Vietnam Doctor’s Day.

Sensory architectural firm would like to send you a Medical doctors, pharmacists, nurses ….and all those who dedicate their lives day and night to rescue her and take care of the health of patients and always happy. White Blouse wished color forever as a symbol of love and hope.

Heart physician

Author: Toan Tam Hoa

My hand sore allay
Kids gentle smile as from samples
How disease fought Kids
With a heart full of kindness shimmering
Put on her white blouse natural color s
Arboretum lives … faith, happiness
Rending cries of duty
I also do long nights awake
How many times you had to give up
Currencies and death in front
Live and die just in a snap
Death match is tough moments
Motivate yourself with full back python
Always keep balance in life
Ethics forged between money fame
To my mind agitated miscellaneous
Real life I always remind myself nowhere
Hold conscience as radiant dawn
See patients as relatives, friends
Word shared in thousands of psychotropic drugs
Everyday silently footsteps
I devoted many people need help
Hard life with the things remembered

And smile is always on their lips.


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