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Colors mean tremendous to the life of humanity. From the house out into the street, the ocean to jungle, from the atomic to the cosmic. These are all of the colorful set.

From past to present, we assume that in the wedding ceremony, the bride will wear a white dress, red signs warning of danger, or green symbolizes nature.

All of which are formed from a long tradition habit. So you have to understand about the stories behind them all? Along learn offline.


ArcSens yellow

Not surprised if we learn that yellow means optimistic, playful, warm, wealth, affluence, prosperity. That is the common nature of the sun and gold, so the ancients assigned to the yellow color similar meaning.

If our eyes could look green look under many different levels, the color yellow is featured most recognizable if seen through a shower of color. At first, when you look yellow, feels gentle, pleasant, but then quickly become eyestrain. Wealth, too, initially reaching us feel supremely happy, but then could arise many problems.

ArcSens yellow interior design

In Asian cultures, where the gods are considered similar to the solar image, the color yellow also become “noble” one, only for royal and religious.


ArcSens orange

Orange is not considered important in ancient civilizations. It is often equated with red or brown.But today, due to the nature of its outstanding characteristic orange should be used for the purpose of signaling and warnings of safety equipment. Easy striking orange sky blue, or black.So labor suit luminous orange, or as the black box of the aircraft is also orange.

ArcSens orange interior design


ArcSens red

It can be asserted that this color is the most meaningful. They relate to health (color of blood), love (romantic color), anger (crimson). The common thread of most of it’s meaning: enthusiasm.

When we become angry, the face becomes flushed. When we embarrassed, face flushed as well. Red skin lacks pink, or pale, shall be considered to be lifeless. Red blood is the source of energy supplies as well as replacement we express emotions. Red roses symbolize love, by the frenzy of love as strong as red.

ArcSens red interior design

In the palace, or most of the oriental utensils are of red face. Even in folk beliefs, the red gems like ruby, garnet gem also is believed to have the ability to protect the body against disease.


ArcSens white

In most cultures, white is the symbol of simplicity and purity. This is very simple, because only a small stain, even a drop of water falling on a white background colorless, and easily recognizable.

Understandably, when the bride chooses a white dress for her big day, to prove his own innocence. But for the East, the white symbolizes mourning. So there is a contradiction in the current culture is still affected in some traditional families, especially in marriage.

ArcSens white interior design

Furthermore, white also means reconciliation, peace and neutrality. Sometimes white because so simple it often feels cold, lonely and weak. Maybe that’s why the surrender flag always white.


ArcSens black

Black was chosen as symbolizing the mysterious and villainous. When darkness covered the humans can not know what is happening around him. And among them, the biggest mystery of mankind nothing but death. The ancients, even now, completely “ignorant” of what actually happens after the people died. Explain to choose black implies death, a number of ideas that have similarities death coincided with sleep (affordable hence the phrase “the sleep of thousands of collection” ?!). People just or sleep at night, when darkness falls. When the eyes closed, the entire light disappeared, leaving only the black.

Also, black also represents evil. The villain mostly black used to “illustrate” for his crimes, especially in the movies!

ArcSens black interior design 9

Very few people actually like black, but some people use black for the purpose of his work, the more amazing. Recently suggested by black wealth, power, easily attract people’s curiosity.


ArcSens blue

Most of the material from past to present are consistent with significant blue peace and solid reliability. A quite reasonable explanation for this is the sky and the ocean. Blue in the vastness of the sky as well as quietness when seen from a distance of the ocean as the unchanging, maybe makes people relax and reflect the true nature of the soul. No coincidence that in the flags of organizations around the world are blue. It is a symbol of peace and friendship.

ArcSens blue interior design

Blue gives the impression of lightness and comfort, but also easy to create a sense of boredom.Like life if the peace, moderates will also know how tasteless.


ArcSens green

Green symbolizes nature’s surest and the environment. This is the color which has the largest scale in the world.

Many cultures do choose this green color represents wisdom. The Egyptians believed that the god of wisdom Thoth led the soul to live in a green hill, where life is eternal and everlasting wisdom. Romans again that green is the color of the god Mercury, the god of intellectual property astute and agile. Just so that Mercury (Mercury) is also considered planets chaired the intelligence and knowledge.

ArcSens green interior design


ArcSens violet

Are traditionally purple symbolizes royalty and nobility. In Western society from the ancient Roman era until Queen Elizabeth I of England banned all people, without royal descent are not allowed to wear this dress.

“Class” of color “purple Tyran” evidenced by the nature of its rare beauty. This type of dye purple ancient times been regarded as difficult to find one, just when finely ground bark of a krill particularly unique find in the commercial city of Tire Made Phoenecian, near the Mediterranean Sea. The ancients said that need 9,000 new mollusk shell created 1 gram of this powder. Of course only the head of the country, or the ultra rich, you can not pay for this expensive series dye powder.

ArcSens violet interior design 3

Another study said that purple also represents faith and spirituality. Simply because kings often seen as the son of a god, is a descendant of heaven and earth. And he always appears in the purple dress!

Source: Internet

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