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Quality of product & service is vital - Always put customer's benefits to the highest.

By applying science and technology, the most advanced technology in the design. We are proud to bring the best products and services, beyond your expectations.


With over 8 years of experience in the field of architectural design, we have designed great buildings everywhere.

Why choose ArcSens?

The perfect quality of the products and services is the mission of ArcSens.


Enhance Vietnamese's Life

At ArcSens, every design is geared towards perfection and perfection. A perfect design must touch and awaken all your senses.

From there, you will feel the love of true life. And above all, with ArcSens, your new life will begin, a classy and significance of life.


The most advanced in the world

We design your house with Autodesk Revit architecture, which is the world's most advanced architectural software system.

With this, we believe your house is designed in a scientific, accurate and sustainable way.

Peace of mind

Quality assurance

We pride ourselves on a strict quality assurance process that is laid out and there is consistency in every home that we design.

This rigorous process also ensures that the homes we design should always be of the highest quality.


Year for warranty structural design.

ArcSens has a strong commitment to design and customer care. We guarantee the structural design for all building that we plan to implement for 08 years.

We are committed to providing maximum support even when our work with you is over.


About us

Dedication - Quality - Solidarity - Essentials - Symbols - Humanities

We understand the power of collective solidarity, so we built ArcSens into a big family, where each individual is a jewel that should always be cherished, understood and respected.

  • Xuan Duc Nguyen
    Architect - CEO
  • Quang Xuan Tran
    Architect - Vice CEO
  • Hung Tan Nguyen Vo
    Architect - Tech Manager
  • Hanh Hong Pham
  • Phuong Thi Dinh
  • +5 members

Join with ArcSens

We always welcome aspiring candidates who want to work in a dynamic and creative environment

Ms. Minh Thi Hoang Business

" Thanks to the professional design team of ArcSens, my house has received many compliments when completed. I like the application of scientific feng shui in design. Living in a house with lots of light and cool wind makes me happy because I chose the right design unit. Thank you very much!! Wish ArcSens will be stronger and stronger. "

Mr. Hai Dinh Tran Military

" After finishing the house, I have saved more than 100 million VND compared with the original plan due to the detailed design and construction of the drawing. My family are very satisfied and proud of their home. In house so airy and cool. Who's came also praised the beautiful and airy. Thank you ArsSens very much, good company growing. "