ArcSens is determined to 2035 become an Architectural symbol and one of the top 10 architectural companies in Vietnam.

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At ArcSens we always think, speak and act with the same spirit:

Dedication - Quality - Solidarity - Essentials - Symbols - Humanities

Always listen, respect, understand the mind, the desire of customers. Always dedicated to the highest benefit of our customers. All thoughts, words, actions of  ArcSens must come from the thoroughness.

Quality is the survival of the business. So we constantly listen, learn, learn. From then adjusted - development to quality of products & service is always perfect and leading.

We understand the power of collective solidarity, so we built ArcSens into a big family, where each individual is a jewel that should always be cherished, understood and respected.

At ArcSens, we always emphasize the spirit of learning, the spirit of innovation and creativity. Each member of ArcSens always strives to learn ceaselessly with the spirit of positive energy, enthusiasm and passion burning to become elite fighters in all aspects of life and work.

We set the target until 2035, erect ArcSens brand to become an architectural symbol in Vietnam. Therefore, every human being of ArcSens always seeks to preserve, build and develop the ArcSens brand as his breath: natural, steady and unceasing.

ArcSens's business philosophy is inseparable from the humanities of the community. At ArcSens, every member of the company always actively pioneers from the smallest things such as: keeping public sanitation, planting a green tree every week, helping the people around ... join hands with the community building a civilized and progressive Vietnamese society.

  • Xuan Duc Nguyen
    Architect - CEO
  • Hanh Hong Pham
  • Thien Nguyen Ngoc
  • Tai Tang Tan
    Interior Design
  • Dat Le Quang
  • Hình ảnh

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With strong commitment to each customer in terms of design quality. We have created hundreds of works across the country. Step by step to implement the mission to raise the Vietnamese people's rug to new heights.

Hình ảnh




During 8 years of presence and fire all in the field of architectural design. We, the children of ArcSens have designed hundreds of works from housing, service, religion, public to industrial everywhere. We always aspire and strive to become experts, who are elite in the field of architecture. We understand that it is important to listen, learn and adjust every day to achieve that.

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