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Whether you are an architect or architecture student, read and experience 12 tips from famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright's world. Maybe this advice is 12 important initiative to bring you a great architect, why not it.

THE IDEAL FAITHFUL – Frank Lloyd Wright


Frank Lloyd Wright (1867- 1959) was one of the architects talent, the most imaginative of America. He worked in this industry for 70 years, he has designed more than 1,000 buildings, including more than 500 designs have been developed, are considered classics in architecture with elements of emotion, the romantic, space, surroundings … and especially creativity. Wright said that the architectural design should be based on the harmony between man and the environment, a philosophy that he called “organic architecture.” This philosophy is illustrated by Design House Falls (1935), is regarded as “the greatest works of all time by the American architecture.” Wright was the leading architectural movement Prairie and Usonian home concept development, unique views his urban planning in America. His talent is world architecture admired around the world and the largest influential 20th century in 1991, Wright was the American Institute of Architects recognized as the greatest architect of all time in America “.

ARCSENS Falling Water House 2

Frank Lloyd Wright had a total of 7 children, including those who accompany his father’s architecture. John is his second son, who admire his father and the achievements attained.John has written a memoir entitled “My Father” in memory of his people far excelled. Here’s the advice of John Wright for his son. It is also the cause of promoting job John started his architect:

“Who can spend strive creative effort, that person can gain huge success. If a person refuses to mobilize their minds, no innovative spirit, the life he can only go back heel others only. If you choose to follow the path of this architect, the more you have the creative spirit, have the courage to make an  architect . A man came to me, told me about their ideas, and I must tell them what you need. 

If the house is considered a priority need to think, then you must meet the requirements of customers. You must always understand, the house should reflect the employer’s request. Wish so, the architect must be cognizant of these requirements.

As an architect, you have to be loyal to his ideals. If the work of the architect can not achieve the ideal of him, then, whether he is keen to work how they still have to brave not accept the job does not show talent themselves. Each structure must represent an idea, are showing the reality of a principle. John, think carefully to the words of the father said. To become an excellent architect is not an easy job, son. “

His valuable advice for son John is a good message to the architects in general. Always striving to be faithful to the ideals and creativity.

He also has extremely valuable advice for other young architects:

  1. Forget everything architecture on earth, if he does not understand that it can only be good in its country and at the same time on its right.
  2. Please do not let any k ì anyone of you entered the architectural profession just to make a living, if you do not know love as a reason for living architecture, if you are not ready x Saudirelatives because it; be prepared to stick with it as a mother, a fisherman ời you, as with myself.
  3. Beware everything in the school of architecture , except learning the technical part.
  4. Come to the manufacturing facility, where you can not hide your face to see the operation of machinery and motor are made of modern building or go to work in practice building until you have can transition naturally from design to construction.
  5. Immediately, start creating the habit of meditation question “why” before all things do you like or dislike.
  6. Do not take things for granted pretty bad in itself available, but let’s dissect each house in each part, thoroughly until leg hair’s breadth. Learn to distinguish between beauty and the hospitality k ì .
  7. Work out routine analysis. With time, this capacity will facilitate the development of a secondary aggregate capacity which is a practice of wisdom.
  8. My teacher used to say, “Be thinking in the categories of simple”. Remember that all the fulness are provided on the parts and the simplest detail, based on the basic principles of the original. Let’s go from the general to the particular and never do the opposite.Otherwise, you would be mistaken key.
  9. Throw away the ideological M about the quick turnaround as a venom. Enteringarchitecture artificially, it is like the right trade-offs brought endowed architect Bean soup bowl. Know x her body, if you have the k ì hopes to become architects.
  10. Do not hastily conclude studies. At least take 10 years to prepare for those who have the desire to achieve above-average skills and judgment in the operation beyond the actual architecture.
  11. Then go as far as possible from his place in order to build the first house. The physician can bring buried his mistakes, but the architect can only advise clients to have planted the vines covering the orchestra’s home alone.
  12. Consider building a chicken coop is as important as the construction of a church building. In the field of art, the magnitude of a design does not have much meaning, if ignored aspect of money. Expressiveness is what really should consider. It may grow in a small, or maybe in a very large small.

(Trích F.L.Wright – The future of Architecture)

And the general situation of the construction industry at present, the experiences and advice of his precious gold is the key to a sustainable path.


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